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What makes Virginia Weight and Wellness unique?

The key difference between Virginia Weight & Wellness and other programs, is that we are not a "weight loss clinic," but rather we are Richmond's only "medical practice" that is 100% dedicated to weight management and weight related medical conditionsWe focus on obesity and weight gain as a chronic disease instead of a short term, unrealistic diet plan. We evaluate your medical factors, medical conditions, and medications that you may be taking that may be contributing to your weight gain or preventing your weight loss. 

From your first visit onwards we provide realistic, maintainable, practical recommendations that are sustainable for the long term.  We don't just tell you what to do, but we teach you why each recommendation is important and necessary, and we teach you why and how to modify things to attain the results you are seeking.

Successful long term weight loss goes far beyond an extreme diet, appetite suppressant, or injection, and often weight changes are related to other medical conditions you have, and limited by medications that you are already taking.

                                             Please read below to see how our practice is different compared to other options:

Virginia Weight and Wellness Franchise
Medical Weight Loss Clinic(s)
 Description Virginia Weight and Wellness is the only medical practice in Richmond that is 100% dedicated to weight loss and medical nutrition therapy to treat or prevent diabetes, PCOS, hypertension, cholesterol, low testosterone, and other weight related medical conditions Protocol driven typically using starvation diets 
Practice Philosophy  We provide concierge style medical care providing realistic, practical, sustainable, affordable care to promote long term weight reduction and improvement in metabolic health.  Only by spending extensive time with you and getting to know you, can we fully evaluate the long term obstacles to help us provide long term solutions for your long term success Protocol dietary recommendations and medications
 Physician & Healthcare Providers Directly Providing Care  Yes
(at every visit)
Board Certified in Medical Weight Loss  Yes No
Board Certifications and Specialties of  Physician   Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
Bariatric / Obesity Medicine (Medical Weight Loss)
 Physician Always Onsite & Available Yes No
 Evaluation of Other Medical Conditions and Factors The causes of weight gain can go far beyond just diet and exercise.  We evaluate all contributors to weight gain including hormonal conditions, sleep factors, stress, other medical conditions, current medications, etc. No
Management of Other Medical Conditions  Yes No 
 Nutritional Approach Individualized and varied depending on your specific needs, preferences, and progress.  We work with you to develop long term approaches to nutrition that are integrated in your everyday life to result in sustained long term weight loss and maintenance Calorie restriction protocols; purchased meal replacements
Medications  We prescribe the 8 FDA approved weight loss medications but also multiple other prescription medications that can help and enhance weight loss and metabolic balance. We also evaluate all your other medications that can commonly cause weight gain or prevent weight loss, we come up with alternatives, and we adjust as appropriate to improve results.   1 of 3 Appetite suppressants 
B12 Shots   No - no studies have shown that B12 causes weight loss  Yes 
 hCG Shots  No - no studies have shown that hCG causes weight loss Yes / No 
Initial Visit Cost  $200 with Dr. Sicat for the initial 1 hr. visit
$150 with Erin Poston, Heather Sedwick, or Susanna Payne
Frequency of Visits  Usually every 4-8 weeks (patient specific)  Once a Week 
Follow up Visit Cost $80 - Dr. Sicat per follow up visit
$75 - Erin Poston, Heather Sedwick, Susanna Payne
Cost Overview Obesity is a chronic disease that requires chronic management for weight loss and weight maintenance.  We value the importance of a long term relationship to facilitate long term behavior change. As such our charges are the lowest cost option to make sure that we are able to work with you for the long term.  $$$$$ 


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