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Telehealth (Telephone) follow-up visits

To reduce the risk of transmission and spread of the coronavirus / COVID-19 and for the safety of our patients, the community, and staff, we are now offering telehealth as an option for your follow-up visits as an alternative to a traditional in-office visit.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely when the patient and healthcare provider are not physically present with each other.  Our office is offering telephone follow-up visits for patients who are already established with the practice.

Who is Eligible for Telephone Follow-up Visits?

If you are an established patient of the practice, you are eligible for telephone followup visits.  New Patient visits are not eligible.

What Is Needed for a Telephone Visit?

For a telehealth follow up visit we need the  following:

        1) Telephone

                    -  any type of phone including a smart phone or landline  
        2) Body Weight Measurement

                    -  ideally use a digital scale (a non-digital scale can also be used)
                    -  measure your first morning, fasting weight, after the bathroom, before the shower, unclothed
                       or minimally clothed weight ... this is considered your "morning dry weight" which is the most accurate, reliable,
                       and comparable weight of the day (your weight increases as the day goes on)

                    -  see this link for some options to purchase your own digital scale locally or online -->

                    -  additionally you can have your weight measured at any of the free "HIGI" Stations across the Central Virginia area
                                                        located at most Publix, Krogers, Walgreens, Wegmans, Sam's Clubs stores in the area
                                                        click the following link to find a free "HIGI" Station near you --> 

          3) Blood Pressure Measurement may or may not be required if you are on phentermine, diethylpropion,          phendimetrizine, or Qsymia.  This can be obtained from a:

                    -  Healthcare Facility:  if you have had your blood pressure measured in a healthcare facility in the last 2 weeks
                                                      please ask your provider to fax a copy to us at fax # (804) 726-1501

    -  Pharmacy / Blood Pressure Kiosk:  many pharmacies/ grocery stores have blood pressure monitoring stations.                                                                      A popular blood pressure station brand is called "HIGI" and is available locally for free at many Walgreens, Publix, Krogers, Wegmans, and Sam's Club stores

To find a free "HIGI" Station near you click the following link --> FIND A HIGI STATION

                    -  Home Blood Pressure Monitor:  we can use your home blood pressure measurements
- see this link for some options to purchase your own home blood pressure monitor 

Medications and Refills

If you are prescribed any medications during your telephone, visit these prescriptions will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choosing at the conclusion of your visit.


If you need labs drawn, your provider will send a lab slip directly to the LabCorp draw station or other lab of your choice.
To find a LabCorp draw station near you, click on the following link --> LABCORP DRAW STATIONS NEAR ME

Cost of a Telephone Follow-up Visit

Telephone follow-up visits are charged at the regular follow-up visit rate 

How to Schedule of a Telephone Follow-up Visit

To schedule a telephone follow up visit please call our office at (804) 726-1500 to schedule

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