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New Patient Information and Forms

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call our office directly at (804) 726-1500.

                                                                             NEW PATIENT CHECKLIST

Here are a few things to know and have prepared for your first visit:

1)        New patient forms.  Please fill out the complete paperwork and forms in advance of your visit.  It is a total of 10 pages 
        and includes your medical history, weight history, consent forms, and a copy our “Privacy Policy” for your records.  We
        understand and appreciate that the forms and questionnaires are very detailed and will take about 20 minutes
        to complete.  Please take the time to fill them out completely and accurately as this really helps us learn more
        about you so that we can be of better service to you during your visits!

        If you can, please fax your new patient forms to our office 3-7 days prior to your visit as this will allow us to transfer
        your information into our electronic medical record and allow us to review your information prior to your visit.  You may fax
        your paperwork to fax number (804) 726-1501.


New Patient Forms:
Please click HERE to download the New Patient Forms
Please use a black pen when filling out the forms

2)        Medication list.  If you have not already filled out the paperwork prior to your visit, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior
 your scheduled appointment and please make sure to bring a complete list of all of your medications
and their doses
        with you so that we may accurately review them and record them in your chart

3)        Labs.  If you have had blood tests drawn in the last 6 months, please bring a copy to your 1st visit or request a copy to
        be sent to our office.  You do NOT need to be fasting for your first appointment If fasting labs are required, then 
        we will give you a lab slip which you can take at your convenience to any LabCorp in the Greater Richmond area 
        to obtain fasting labs.  Labs draw at LabCorp are billed by them through your insurance.  Several LabCorp draw stations
        are open on Saturday mornings.

        Routine initial bloodwork typically includes: "Comprehensive Metabolic Panel" (which is kidney, liver, and electrolytes),
        "Lipid Panel" (cholesterol levels), "TSH and Free T4" (thyroid testing), "hemoglobin" (amount of blood in your body).
        Additional blood tests may be considered depending on your specific health history.

        Note: The Virginia Board of Medicine requires thyroid tests be reviewed prior to starting any weight loss medications.

4)        EKG.  If considering the use of an appetite suppressant, we request that you have an EKG done within the last 90 days.
        If you have not had an EKG done in the last 90 days, then we will perform one during your visit (included with your visit).
        To prepare, men are usually bare chested, whereas women would wear a bra, but please wear a simple shirt
        or T-shirt (as opposed to a one piece dress) so this can easily be done.  If you have had an EKG within the last 90 days,
        please obtain or arrange a copy to be sent to our office. 

5)        Payment.  Please note that payment is required at the time of service.  A new patient visit with Dr. Sicat costs $200  
        and a new patient visit with our physician assistants Erin Poston and Heather Sedwick, or our nurse practitioner
        Susanna Payne costs $150.  Our office accepts credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), cash, and checks.

6)        Clothing.  If possible please wear a short sleeve shirt or a simple shirt as we will be checking your blood pressure and
        possibly obtaining an EKG

7)        Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so we can register you and start your visit on time. 

8)     Fax New Patient Forms.  Again, if possible, please fax your completed New Patient Forms to our office ideally about
        2-7 days in advance if possible and our fax number is (804) 726-1501.

Thank you for choosing Virginia Weight and Wellness for your weight management needs.  We sincerely look forward to meeting you and working together to help you achieve your goals!


Jeffrey Sicat, MD
Erin Poston, PA-C
Heather Sedwick, PA-C
Susanna Payne, NP
The Care Team of Virginia Weight & Wellness


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