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"I am a 32 year old father and husband.  My father passed away in 2008 at the age of 53 due to heart disease.  Around the same time I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and weighed roughly 240 lbs with a Body Mass Index of around 31.  I think we all find excuses as to why we gain weight, but the truth is that it is not as easy to keep weight off as it was when we were kids.  From 2008 – 2011, I managed to drop from 240 lbs to 193 lbs with a lot of fluctuation in the middle.  I focused on only eating “healthy” foods and cutting out just about everything I liked to eat.  I exercised 6 days a week for a minimum of 1 hour per day and most days were closer to 2 hours.  I found that with the loss I lost not only fat, but muscle as well.  Once hitting 193 lbs I seemed to hit a weight loss plateau.  Once I stopped losing weight I became frustrated with my progress and had difficulty with weight fluctuations.  I knew I was not at my goal as I still had significant weight around my midsection.  I have focused on losing weight, eating healthier, and improving my overall health since 2008, but have had issues keeping the weight off.  Mostly this was due to finding habits that weren’t sustainable.

I was introduced to Dr Sicat in late November 2011 by my doctor.  Intrigued by his practice, yet skeptical of being put on a “diet”, I reached out to Dr Sicat to learn more about how he works with patients.  Dr Sicat is one of a small few in the country who is actually certified as a medical professional in the area of weight management.  He also works with any current medications you may be on to monitor your overall health.   

I became a patient at the beginning of December 2011 with an overall goal of losing 30 pounds.  I set a very big goal for myself that would put me at the same weight I was as a senior in high school.  I challenged Dr Sicat a bit as I don’t eat many vegetables or fruits, so keeping proper overall nutrition was essential.  In two months I have lost over 21 pounds, dropped my BMI to 22, and can actually say that the program is sustainable.  I have not had to give up many things I enjoy eating, I don’t feel hungry from starvation, and I don’t spend 2 hours a day in the gym.  In fact, I didn’t work out at all during the first month.  I feel great, have no cholesterol issues, and everyone notices the change.  The only downside is that I may have to buy new clothes.

It is not “easy” to do, but Dr Sicat will tailor a plan to help suit you personally.   Dr Sicat is very personable and is just as excited about  your progress as you are.  His staff is top notch and very helpful.  The other big help is that his plans don’t require you to buy proprietary foods, drinks, vitamins, and other junk that other weight loss programs do.  If you have been on, or are on, any of those types of plans, you will save money by working with Dr Sicat as well as have an actual medical professional helping you.

I would absolutely recommend Dr Sicat to anyone who is serious about getting healthy and losing weight."     
                                                                                                                                                                         – Stuart Hunsicker

"It is with great confidence that I highly recommend Virginia Weight & Wellness with Dr. Sicat. As a mid-30's father of two, I want to be
around for my family. That is why in August I began to invest in myself. I started my journey not at my heaviest, but close. I was
always the guy making jokes about being the "fat kid" or how I loved to eat and for awhile had accepted that I was just going to live life
a bigger guy. I was somewhat active but my work schedule was not favorable for lots of activity. I also knew I enjoyed jogging/running
but that had never really helped completely. That is when I new I needed to make a complete overhaul of my system, my activities and how to relearn what to eat.

After my first meeting with Dr. Sicat (a full hour session), I brought away a new thought process on how to look at foods (or fuel for my
body). While changing my eating habits I also introduced more cardio activities and began to see great progress. We all know that
everyone's body processes foods differently, but with the help of Dr. Sicat, I know what my triggers are and how to make sure I stay on top of the process.

Currently I am 40+ pounds down. I have finished a half marathon. I am training for the Monument Avenue 10K for a personal best time. With all that being said, the only problem that I have now is that none of my clothes fit. As I have been buying some new clothes it is very exciting to be able to buy clothes off the shelf from anywhere I choose.

With all that being said, I strongly encourage you to explore the services of Dr. Sicat. He has been fantastic to work with for the last
6 months and I look forward to continue working with his practice."                   
                                                                                                                                                        -  Scott, 37 Midlothian, VA


I have struggled with my weight for many years. I’m a 63 year old man who used to be very active as an athlete in school and a long distance runner in my thirties and forties. Once I began having serious back problems resulting in several major surgeries, I have not been near as active as before and have had a hard time keeping my weight under control. When I got to where I was well over the maximum weight for a man my height before being labeled obese by the official height and weight charts, I went to Dr. Sicat for help.

I have lost 50 pounds and plan on losing 15 more to attain my goal of no longer being classified as obese. Not only have a gotten tons of compliments, but far more important, I have significantly reduced my blood pressure meds from 3 different daily pills to only ½ of one, and my B/P has been perfect. I feel MUCH better and have resumed some aerobic and strength training exercise. I actually gave all my “fat clothes” to Goodwill and broke out some of my nice suits from a few years ago, which I can now wear again. Once I have hit my targeted longer term weight, I plan on a little shopping spree for new clothes!

I was shocked at how relatively easily I was able to adjust to the Optifast® 800 calorie per day diet. It’s a great product of meal replacements that kept me reasonably filled even though I did not use any prescription appetite suppressants. I stayed on that plan for the full length of time plus a few weeks longer to reach the goal of 50 pounds. I still use the products for a meal or two every day.

I can strongly recommend Dr. Sicat and his staff! I had learned of the diet from a medical professional and found out from another medical professional who had worked with Dr. Sicat at MCV just how highly regarded he is by his medical peers. If you are reading this, you must be thinking about doing it. My advice: jump right in!! You will be thrilled with the results!                  
Walter G., Richmond
                                                                                                                                                                  (Optifast Program)      


Last summer I was shocked to discover I weighed over 440lb.  I was strongly considering bariatric surgery until my friend Dr. Alan Dow referred me to Virginia Weight and Wellness.  I looked at the website.  I started getting excited, but I was skeptical.  So I made an appointment.   

Alan said Dr. Sicat was great.  That proved to be the understatement of the century.

My first appointment with Dr. Sicat was somewhat encouraging.  I had made it down to 427 lb on my own, just by giving up sugared drinks.  Dr. Sicat performed a full range of medical lab tests and informed me that I was a full-blown diabetic. I was shocked to say the least.  Jeff recommended that I consider the Optifast program as an option. 

Over the course of the next 18 weeks, I worked closely with Jeff and his staff.  They exhibited nothing but support, with amazing competence and confidence.  I have nothing but positive things to say about Optifast, which I used in conjunction with a free iPhone app called MyFitnessPal to track my calorie intake and my blood sugar accurately.  Optifast was a tough program, and it was not cheap, but how much of a price can you put on adding years to your life?

As a result of participating in Optifast and beginning a strict diet and exercise regimen, I now weigh less than 340 lb (100 lbs of weight loss) in a little over seven months.  The behavioral modification therapy provided and the close dietary supervision under the watchful eye of dietician Ashley Mannell have given me the tools that I've needed to continue to lose weight.  They taught me that food was for survival, not just pleasure.   They taught me that vigilance and discipline in diet and exercise helps you lose weight safely and effectively, and to keep it off long term.

The bottom line?  Virginia Weight and Wellness saved my life and helped me beat diabetes.  I tell everyone I know about the program who will listen.

If you care about your health and want to investigate a non-surgical solution to fast, effective weight loss, I've got two words for you:  Dr. Sicat.  The guy is a genius, and if you're willing to put the time, effort, and money on yourself, this is a bet you WILL win.  Take it from a guy who is now doing yoga, walking for miles and feeling better than he's felt since the 1990s.  The dude is magic.  End of story.

                                                                                                                                                                ---  Kyle S. (Optifast Program)

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